jennifer june (editthesadparts) wrote,
jennifer june

Today is depressing.

Beau is gone. He was picked up today. I didn't cry but I wanted to. My poor kittens, they don't understand. He took such good care of them, and now he's not here and I have to wonder if they will hate me for it.

Bloodfeast II was really fun. So bloody and gutty and yuck times, but good. My favorite part was Krystal hiding behind her sweater, that ruled. I wanted to do something afterwards because I haven't really hung out with Allison in a long time. Too long. I guess she went to Carrie's. I miss Krystal too, and Dustin. I miss Cranuim. Why does shit change?!

Saw Quain at the film festival for a minute. I got to hug R.D., Karen, and Corbin but not really talk at all. Why haven't I been over there?

I am hanging out with my Mom tomorrow, because she's leaving soon. She is going to Boston for the summer. I missed Misty's call today, but I get to see her Sunday for coffee.

Tomorrow should be better.
I want phone calls from anyone that can manage it.
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