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Misty is a big baby jesus...

Misty hates hip hop, BUT she's the greatest most beautiful most wonderful most shiney ray of light in my life!!!!!! Misty sent me on a date with her boyfriend last night!!! What I think happened is Mikey asked her to go see PIEBALD and she was going to see Amy and thought PIEBALD = JEN!!!!! Right she was!!!! I had so much fun!!! To think I was planning on just going to bed mega early at like seven! Instead I end up going to see my favorite band on the big stage at House of Blues. Well, I went and caught most of their set and then the rest of the bands I didn't care for so Mikey and I took off during Juliana Theory because I really don't care for them. We went to Denny's looking for Misty but I had a feeling that she would go out for drinks, not sit at Denny's all night. I was right. When I got home it was about ten and Rob and Eva were going to Midtown. I went with them because I was still so excited. I really should have just gone to bed. I'm not allowed to drink that much on work nights. I was already feeling really drunk as it was. Oh, the free things I get. I did spend money on a new Piebald shirt though with a kitten on it. Yay. I ran into Adam who reported that Misty had been up at Midtown. Confirmed. Mikey really wanted to meet up with her and we might have caught her had we gone straight to Midtown, but how were we to know she'd be there? I wish I would have stayed home instead of going to Midtown because I couldn't get up for work, and I have been so good about being there and being on time. I'll have 36 hours for the week though because I'm pulling ten hour shifts tomorrow and Friday. I still feel really bad, but it was Piebald!!

Right now I'm listening to Milemarker, and I'm not really sure what I think. I remember the first time I saw Rob with it I was like, "What is this faggot shit?" It's all pink and has a Pegasus type horse on the front. What are those guys called other than My Little Pony? Anyone into greek mythology? Rob, thank you for telling me to listen to it. You're cool. haha.

I need to find Adam Volk!
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