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I think it's really fucking sad.

Apparently, many people have nothing better to do than to read my journal and talk about it. People I don't even know have been reading and talking shit and I think it's sad that they are so concerned with other people. I do not keep a journal online so that everyone in creation is able to keep up with my life. I keep it for myself and have invited friends to share it with me. Which was something special to me. Somehow, I don't see the point in doing it any longer. I do not send out links to this to anyone anymore, so if someone outside of my friends list is reading it, they have not been invited. You aren't welcome in my life. You are not welcome to talk about me, or think about me, or worry about me. Just shut the fuck up and pretend that you have your own life.

In any case, I'm not keeping this journal anymore. There's too much to go through and make private, so I think I'm just going to delete it. I'm considering moving to a new journal and setting it so only those I have listed as friends can see my posts. I have a lot of self evaluation to do. I don't want to be anything like the people that use this as a tool for gossip and moving the journal isn't making any huge steps forward.

My journal may be dramatic to those that don't know me, therefore a fitting form of entertainment. But if that's the sort of thing that gives you your kicks, which of us is really the sorry one? I wanted to take this opportunity to point that out. Hopefully, you can take a step back to see how ridiculous you are and knock it off.

Not highly probable.
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