jennifer june (editthesadparts) wrote,
jennifer june

remember me?

This journal was a cult, and I'm it's prodical son. I would request the fatted calf, but I have two already.

Sad how my relationship was mostly lived out here. Apparently, I'm the master of fabrication. Fortunately, I step forward with a close friend that I will always hold dear, but keep at a safe distance. I consider myself lucky considering the circumstances. I reflect on the past year and some months and see how in some ways I've grown and in some ways I just evolved into the same person again. It's sounds redundant, but it's refreshing. The most important lesson I've learned through this is not to comprimise my expectations regardless of consequence. And, of course, how to cook Tuna Steak. It still hurts to think about certain moments we shared, private jokes, secrets we kept, exactly how the lighting was the moment I realized I loved him, but now it's mostly just the fear of never experiencing that with someone else. It quickly passes, and I realize I'm at work or watching television and life distracts me again. I will never completely forget how I felt, but now I look ahead.
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